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Young people pay tribute to survivors of child sexual exploitation in spoken poetry

The ECPAT Children and Youth Advocates (EYCA) held a spoken  ... 

Surviving School: Survivors of childhood sexual exploitation share the struggles and joys of graduating

“I wasn’t able to focus on my studies back at home… I  ... 

ECPAT Youth Advocates Observe National Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Week 2017

The ECPAT Children and Youth Advocates (EYCA) in the Philipp ... 

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Boys do cry on the inside: young victims open up about sexual exploitation

“It’s such a shame to admit but it was just really all for the money,” 16-year-old Patrick disclosed to ECPAT’s social worker in an interview. He was one of the 30 boy victims of a foreign sex ... 

Featured Video

Laruan: Anti-Child Pornography on the Internet Campaign

With 750,000 sex predators connected to the internet, preying on children at any given time, can parents ensure that their children are kept safe online?

Watch this video produced by Mass Communication students from St. Scholastica's College Manila, with support from ECPAT Philippines.


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