Advocacy and Education




Advocacy is the heart of ECPAT’s work. Since 1991, we have lobbied the government to create a strong legal framework that will realize children’s right to protection against sexual abuse and exploitation. This resulted in the enactment of the Philippines’ landmark legislations on child protection: RA 7610 or the Anti-Child Abuse Law; RA 9208: the Anti-Trafficking Law; RA 9777: the Anti-Child Pornography Law.

Yet, laws are only signed documents if these are not properly implemented. Over the years, its enforcement has proven to be even more difficult than its passage. The lack of political will and lack of resources to capacitate law enforcers and service providers have held us back.


So we cannot stop here. Now that laws are in place, our job is to help enforce them. We start by educating the most vulnerable children and families living in CSEC-affected communities that these laws exist and that they should claim their legal right to protection. We raise their awareness on the issue of CSEC and its damaging effects; on how not to fall prey to sex offenders; on what to do and where to go when faced with danger.


We provide capacity building activities to law enforcers to strengthen the conduct the investigation and rescue of child victims of sexual exploitation. We also train service providers in the private and public sectors on their roles and responsibilities in managing cases, in which they should ensure that child victims are dealt with in a child-sensitive and appropriate manner.


Help us uphold our programs that seek to empower vulnerable children, families and communities, and strengthen the capacities of law enforcers and local officials. Awareness is key to fighting CSEC.