Anti-Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes

ECPAT advocated for the adoption of effective Anti-Trafficking legislation to criminalise the traffickers rather than the victims and to implement protection and ensure assistance to victims. ECPAT Philippines undertook this through being highly involved in the lobbying for Republic Act (RA) 9208 or The Anti-Trafficking legislation adopted in 2003.

ECPAT Philippines, is based on a child rights approach, with advocacy work focused to address the root causes of child trafficking. ECPAT continues to lobby and mobilse individuals and others organisations to address the legal, protection and prevention concerns related to trafficking of children for sexual purposes. ECPAT Philippines is a working NGO member of the government councils to advocate and provide specialized advice to policy and government, on the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking. Furthermore, ECPAT is a member of the network of organisations and individuals, The Philippines Against Child Trafficking (PACT), to increase networking and lobbying power within the country.

ECPAT advocacy aims to prevent trafficking by include situational analysis studies, providing awareness raising campaigns targeting communities, potential victims and the public to address overall demand.