Children and Youth Empowerment Program

The Children and Youth Empowerment Program (CYEP) aims to support child victims of commercial sexual exploitation and to offer services and education to children coming from communities that were identified as at-risk communities of commercial sexual exploitation.

The CYEP program is an innovative initiative designed to empower and build the capacity of youth to take the lead in preventing the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Young people are trained in advocacy skills to reach out to local communities through awareness campaigns in an effort to reduce the numbers of children trafficked and sexually exploited.





Direct services provided to children and young people that are referred for assistance by individuals, other organizations, the police and communities include temporary shelter, educational assistance, medical and psychological services and legal support for healing, recovery and reintegration.


Educational assistance is considered an important mechanism to prepare CSEC survivors to achieve the goals and prepare children for more opportunities in life. ECPAT supports children and young people survivors of sexual exploitation and those considered highly vulnerable.

Financial assistance for transportation, school supplies, and other costs is provided to primary, secondary and university students.

Legal support in the form of legal counseling, court representation, and case management through a multi-disciplinary approach is provided to child victims of CSEC.

Healing, Recovery, and Re-Integration. ECPAT believes that the best interest of the child is the primary consideration in her/his healing, recovery, and re-integration. There is a strong focus within the case-management to prepare and assist families in the reintegration process. 
ECPAT aims to promote a positive impact on victims and survivors by increasing their resilience, confidence, creativity, self-esteem and strengthening their social and life skills.

Meaningful Children’s Participation. ECPAT believes that the participation of young people is critical in raising awareness about CSEC and integrating their experiences and perspectives for developing appropriate measures for their protection.  ECPAT aims to promote active participation of children and young people based on their evolving capacity.

ECPAT acknowledges that children and young people must have opportunities to express their views, advocate for their own rights, assist their peers and influence decision-making on issues that affect them. In this way they can contribute to their own protection and to the overall development of their communities.

ECPAT supports local youth organizations, ‘Teatro Divino’ and ‘Sali Ka Bata’. These children and young people are trained as peer leaders to participate and utilize child-friendly theater advocacy to raise awareness on the commercial sexual exploitation of children in the Philippines. They advocate to prevent CSEC and to persuade adults at the community to take action against it.