The ECPAT Home

The ECPAT Home is a temporary welcome space for survivors of CSEC. It provides a warm, relaxing and comfortable environment for children. It has a modest social hall dedicated to activities such as dancing, singing, drawing, quilting, music lessons, watching movies, and other fun, recreational and educational exercises. It also has a common study area where children can focus on doing their school work.


The living quarters at the ECPAT Home are properly ventilated and equipped with lockers, toilet and bath, and beds.


It has a prayer room that the children can use anytime to reflect and pray. The therapy and counseling room is designed for children to be able to freely express their thoughts and feelings.


The ECPAT Home facilitates learning structures so that children are able to, by themselves, perform such tasks and responsibilities by following schedules for household chores, laundry, ironing, cleaning, preparing menu, and cooking meals.


Help us sustain and advance our assistance to children survivors. Your donation will support their educational, health, legal, and psychosocial assistance, and participation to meaningful activities that will help improve their overall wellbeing. It will also help provide livelihood opportunities to their families in preparation to their reintegration into their respective communities.