The Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism

ECPAT Philippines has worked with the local tourism and travel industry in the main tourism locations of Palawan, Bohol and Boracay, to raise awareness and for the industry to take practical measures against children being sexually abused. Strong partnerships have been established with the hotel industry, tour operators, and other members of the tourism sector during this Anti-Child Sex Tourism Campaign.


ECPAT Philippines undertakes this project through provisions of training and technical support to assist the tourism industry, as well as local governments within the three tourism destinations. The Anti-CST program provides training for local governments, national tourism authorities, the tourism and travel industry and local schools and communities to promote and strengthen awareness of the issues of Child Sex Tourism, the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and the importance of strengthening child protection mechanisms in these areas to support the prevention.


Furthermore, one of the main activities of this CST program is to influence the tourism industry to support the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism.This program is regarded as the most efficient industry tool to combat child sex tourism. Tour operators and tourism organisations that adopt and sign the Code of Conduct commit themselves to informing customers on their child protection policy, training of staff, reporting cases and application of other measures to protect children. For more about the campaign against CST and The Code, you may visit